\ The Firm

“Alves Mendes & Carlos Picoito” is the identity that conveys the values upon which the founding partners have built their professional career and for which they are renowned.

Alves Mendes & Carlos Picoito Clients, natural or legal persons, are always served and follow-up by a senior lawyer who will call upon other elements if the subject requires so.

Lawyers who collaborate with Alves Mendes & Carlos Picoito are used to work in multidisciplinary teams are therefore prepared to answer with the readiness and urgency needed by the different subjects without breaching its legal security, which comes out strengthened by team work, where all subjects are analyzed, debated and processed.

Alves Mendes & Carlos Picoito relies on the collaboration of offices abroad, namely in Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

“Advocacy is first of all an act of service.”

\ Principles

Our culture arises from the reference values below stated and shared by our lawyers.

For Alves Mendes & Carlos Picoito lawyers, character is the basis of everything. With this motto as their guideline, Alves Mendes & Carlos Picoito lawyers are continuously committed to adopt a professional conduct compliant with the intrinsic values of advocacy, developing their profession with:

  • maximum competence
  • independence
  • loyalty
  • honesty
  • strict professional secrecy
  • courtesy
  • courage

We provide our Clients with a customized service relentlessly looking for the best and most innovating solutions that each of our Client’s subject demands.

Additionally, we have an active pro bono policy in favour of institutions promoting social solidarity. We believe our responsibility is to contribute to society’s development and we make our competences available to social causes, contributing to the construction of a sustainable world and a society that is more just and inclusive.

“Respect for the profession ethical duties avoiding conflicts of interest”